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Top Tips to Know Before Heading out to Athens 


This is it! Your hotly anticipated excursion in the Greek capital is around the bend and you can’t stand by to arrive. Before you begin wandering off in fantasy land about observing the Acropolis demolishes and taking off to a sea shore party with your companions, here are some top tips you have to know before visiting Athens.

Athens is certifiably not a cashless city 

Indeed, even before the monetary unrest and in spite of capital controls, money has consistently been ruler in Greece, so make sure to have enough cash in your wallet. Obviously, these days, an ever increasing number of stores, boutiques, cafés and different foundations that recently lived uniquely on money installments are beginning to acknowledge credit and charge cards, however attempt to have a touch of money with you in the event of some unforeseen issue. You will handily discover ATMs around the inside and close to vacation spots and destinations.

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The metro is your closest companion 

In contrast to numerous other European capitals, the metro framework in Athens is very basic and simple to explore. With just three lines covering the whole city, there is no danger of getting onto an inappropriate line or off at an inappropriate stop. The noteworthy focus is satisfactorily secured and can even be reached by foot, if essential. With modest open vehicle costs, exploit it. In addition, you can likewise respect a couple of notable curios in a few metro stations.

Maintain a strategic distance from shams 

Help yourself out and maintain a strategic distance from cafés that have menus loaded up with photographs of the food served or eateries with servers remaining outside attempting to persuade bystanders to eat at their foundation. Rather, decide on places where you can spot local people getting a charge out of a supper. Indeed, even in Plaka or Thisseio, you can discover tavernas for the most part loaded up with local people.

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Use applications 

Taxicabs are very modest in Greece, significantly after dim. You can hail one in the city or discover one at a taxi station close to significant squares, yet for comfort, you can likewise exploit applications. Beat is the taxi application that permits you to pick a cabbie from a rundown of drivers accessible, alongside your installment mode (money or Mastercard) and guarantees you get an English-talking driver.

Smoke, smoke all over 

On the off chance that you are originating from a non-smoking nation, you might be stunned once you land in Athens. Greeks are huge smokers and even with the indoor smoking boycott presented, bars, bistros and eateries are once in a while without smoke. Shockingly, Greeks pay attention on their right side to smoke very and don’t regularly consent when requested to abstain from smoking, so remember this.

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Be careful with pickpockets 

Metro pickpockets are increasingly savage and strong nowadays and you truly need to watch out for your having a place when traveling on the metro. The equivalent can be said when sitting on a porch at occupied bistros or squares and especially on the off chance that you have a propensity for leaving your telephone on the table while having espresso or lunch.

Nightlife begins late 

In the event that you plan on a night out at the clubs, don’t design anything before 12 PM, as you can make certain there won’t be anyone there yet you. Greeks live late and will in general go out at around 2 am. Previously, they are generally as yet eating out or essentially preparing. The night closes when the sun comes up, so prepare to move and gathering for some time.

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Tips are discretionary 

In Greece, and for the most part anyplace else in Europe, servers have a legitimate compensation and tips are basically a reward they get for good assistance. In that capacity, you are under no commitment to pay one, yet don’t hesitate to leave one in the event that you need to. On the off chance that you appreciated the administration you got, at that point tip likewise.

Escape the city 

In the event that you are visiting the city during the sweltering summer months, realize that going on a day trip is essentially a need. As Athens gets more smoking and the air deplorable, there are endless day trips you can take to get away from the warmth. Regardless of whether you decide on an island trip or a speedy escape in the territory, you won’t make some hard memories discovering something fun and fascinating to do.