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Information About Russia Visa Guide


While applying for visa, if you don’t mind be exhorted that the authorization to enter the Russian Federation is a kindness of the State.
As per the International Law, the Consular Department in specific cases maintains whatever authority is needed to consider your visa applications as long as it feels important.
Visa can be denied if the Consular Department has genuine motivations to accept that the Applicant’s visit to the Russian Federation isn’t attractive, and the exposure of the explanation behind the disavowal can be retained.
Visa preparing charges got from the candidate are not subject for repayment if there should be an occurrence of ensuing refusal.
The Consular Department of the Embassy bears no duty regarding the blunders in visas, which were not drawn out into the open before takeoff from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
As indicated by the respective understanding between the Russian Federation and Islamic Republic of Pakistan the holders of Diplomatic and Official identifications don’t have to get a visa.
Visitors of the representatives of the Foreign Diplomatic and Consular Missions in Russia are encouraged to acquire a greeting or verbal note from the Mission routed to the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
Youngsters apply for independent visas on the off chance that they travel on their own international IDs. Non-voyaging guardians must affirm in a testimony their assent for their youngsters’ movement. In the event that the youngster’s family name varies from that of his (her) folks, a duplicate of the kid’s introduction to the world testament must be encased.
The Consular Department of the Embassy doesn’t give visas to some other CIS and previous Soviet Union republics.
Voyagers who are intending to remain in Russia for a time of over 90 days must append a duplicate of a HIV test authentication to their application papers.
Identification must be legitimate no less than a half year after the date of visa expiry. It ought to contain in any event two clear pages. The mark or the thumb impression of the conveyor ought to be on page 2 of a Pakistani visa. In the event that a candidate has past visas, he ought to present every one of them. In the event that a past identification was lost, FIR in English language from the closest police headquarters ought to be connected.
The photograph, sticked to the application structure ought to be 3.5 x 4.5 cm on a white foundation and not greater than the edge on the application structure. (NOT STAPPLED, BUT GLUED). Application structure fringes ought to be 0.5 cm (test), different applications will be dismissed. All the archives ought to be stappled on a similar succession as they are referenced in this site. Visa handling expenses got from the candidate are not subject for repayment if there should be an occurrence of resulting refusal.
VISA FEE (refreshed on 01.01.2020)
For Pakistani residents the charge is:
1. Single section visa – Rs. 12400 (gave in multi week after the application date EXCEPT TOURIST VISA).
2. URGENT Single section visa – Rs. 24800 (gave in 1-3 next working days EXCEPT TOURIST VISA).
3. Double section visa – Rs. 19840 (gave in multi week after the application date EXCEPT TOURIST VISA)
4. URGENT Double section visa – Rs. 39680 (gave in 1-3 next working days EXCEPT TOURIST VISA).
5. Multiple passage visa – Rs. 37200 (gave in multi week after the application date).
6. URGENT Multiple passage visa – Rs. 74400 (gave in 1-3 next working days).
The most effective method to APPLY
One ought to apply actually at the Consular Department.
Visa Application structure is to be filled in by the Applicant on-line http://visa.kdmid.ru. In the wake of filling the structure, the framework will permit you to download and print it. Application structure must be imprinted in A4 page (210×297 mm). Open the record in Adobe Reader, use “Document” menu, at that point “Print”. In another Printing window in “Page taking care of” check next alternatives: In page scalling pick NONE, don’t stamp “Auto pivot and focus”. The candidate should sign the structure actually.
USA, UK, Canada and Georgia visa holders are to print 2 duplicates of Application Form.

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Consular Department claims all authority to welcome the candidates face to face for a meeting and pose inquiries on close to home, money related, business or corporate related issues just as on their Russian contacts and accomplices.
Traveler VISA
Russian Tourist Visa can be single-section or twofold passage and is given for no longer than 30 days.
Each traveler visa candidate, going after April 01, 2016, is to be by and by met. While meet, the candidate ought to give total data about the host party, installment of the travel industry administrations and inn convenience, schedule of the movement including all locations of the normal remain, date of the last outing to the Russian Federation, two way affirmed tickets with fixed dates.
The choice about the award of traveler visa will be made in 30 DAYS after accommodation all things considered.

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